Free Property Management Software

Lots of property management entrepreneurs and new landlords begin their property management business every year. Through trial and error, they will realize how important it is to have good property management software.

At the stage of launching the company, they will try out some simple applications like common accounting solutions and Excel spreadsheets, and some automation features hoping to speed up their work.

Trying out is wise and should be free but their ultimate concern would not be the free software but the easy-to-use and easy-to-learn software that gives the key functions they need.

Traditional Software Isn’t Keeping Up

Old school solutions are still popular but are often too complex, expensive, and are running into software bugs and compliance issues with government regulations. Surveys show many landlords and property managers are not happy with their solutions, and there may be some key reasons why this is so.

This issue encourages the landlords and property managers to try free property management software to find out which one fills the gap.

If you are starting a property management company or already have a property management company, you need to look down the road to know which software can serve your needs when your portfolio grows from hundreds to thousands of properties and applicants.

Some of the modern, cloud-based property management solutions are scalable, offer outstanding accounting functionality and along with lease and document management, and good support for tenant management and maintenance tickets.

Here are the 9 most common must-have features landlords and property managers want:

  1. simple easy to comprehend process and interface
  2. simple, easy setup plus data upload
  3. track income and expenses
  4. collect rent online and rent roll report
  5. manage tenant applications
  6. communicate and share documents directly with tenants
  7. portal for tenants and owners
  8. financial reports, income statements, balance
  9. good software documentation, help files, and customer support

What additional features might you actually need as you progress?

  • tenant screening
  • accounting automation
  • accounting functionality for each property and each owner
  • customizable features
  • generate tax documents
  • integrated communication
  • schedule recurring maintenance
  • real-time insights
  • compliant deposit management
  • owner contribution distribution
  • marketing portal
  • real-time support

There are few Property Management Software that provides free-of-charge demo services. All of them provide free trial accounts for just 1 property and 1 user which may not be enough for a property manager or estate agent to test the functionality of a software. Homes Around provides an unlimited free trial period for 3 months and you have 15 days to apply and request for this demo software.

When you come down to business, however, FREE is not the operative word. The goal is to try out the software and demo the product so you know it has the capabilities you need.